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AIDA Cruises

Profile Plates made of stainless steel give the lift cabins and Lobby Areas of Aida Cruises a distinctive appearance. The contoured stainless steel material affords a high Level of durability and rigidity despite a wall thickness of just 0.8 mm, which was necessary to fulfil the goal of weight reduction. Design: Partnership design, Hamburg Photo: Ingrid Fiebak, Leer


Short report direct from the construction site – Convention Center Baku

We are delighted to be able to show you the first pictures from Baku. In a joint project with an office in Vienna, we developed wall coverings for various conference rooms for the new international conference centre in Baku. Our three-dimensional plates of perforated aluminium, type “Crystal 100” are almost invisibly joined together. The joint area of the plates was given a zigzag laser cut so that one plate…


Award-winning metal facade – Thyssen Krupp Day Nursery

The Steel Innovation Prizes 2015 were awarded within the scope of the “Berliner Stahldialog” (Berlin Steel Dialogue). The facade of the “Miniapolis” day nursery in the ThyssenKrupp district of Essen received first prize in the category of “Steel in the Building and Construction Industry”. The joint venture of JSWD Architects, Cologne, and Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris developed a new three-dimensional plate with us for the new construction…


Crystals – location: Ingolstadt

The “never-ending” form diversity of our 3D plates gained renewed impetus from an innovative tooling concept. All of the sheet metal materials suitable for cold forming including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc can be formed three-dimensionally in a large format and in a freely programmable manner. In this way, diverse crystal shapes are freely programmable and can be arranged and pressed as desired. They provide unlimited…


Lightness and dynamism – REAL Fenster – Türen (Windows – Doors)

The client of this new production facility with integrated office – the company REAL Fenster und Türen GmbH (REAL Windows and Doors Ltd.) – intended to give its facade a pioneering design in keeping with its corporate identity. Therefore, a new 3D Plate made of aluminium with the appearance of a curtain was developed, the “Water Wave Curtain”. We delivered the three-dimensional aluminium elements practically ready to install, with almost…


“3D Landscape” in perfection

The challenging assignment presented by the client and architect was to give the new administrative headquarters of the Hypo NOE Group in the centre of St. Poelten a distinctive appearance. In close cooperation with the Zieser architects‘ office in Vienna, a three-dimensional dune landscape was created using perforated, 3 mm thick aluminium with a newly developed nacreous lacquer finish from HD Wahl. The rigidity of the sun protection slats,…


Opening of the Oberursel Secondary School

The facade design of the Oberursel secondary school in Taunus integrated our medium and large Web Plates made of perforated and unperforated aluminium in varying geometries and hole patterns, which was made possible using different technologies. The interplay of the cross sections of the plates and their hole patterns gives rise to surprising functional and design effects.


Highly polished dome elements

The centrepiece of the new “luxury shopping mall” in Kuwait is the intersection of the two main streets, which we impressively put on display with water fountains and a high-tech cupola of stainless steel. 15 3D elements of different sizes were deep-drawn, lasered, electro polished to a high gloss and transported by air freight to Kuwait. The installation and handover to the client has just taken place. The basis…


A visit from the Munich structural engineering department

The architects of the Structural Engineering Department in the state capital of Munich visited us with great interest. Alongside the successful “new usage” of the historic, royal Bavarian state fortress, they found the technological new treatment of metal for interior design and outside architecture particularly fascinating.


Opening of the Merkur Hoher Markt

The Merkur flagship store, Hoher Markt, was opened in Vienna. MERKUR’s new premium concept doesn’t stop at anything, including the innovative materials and surfaces of interior design. We developed new three-dimensional plates made of stainless steel in cooperation with the architects’ office, BEHF, in Vienna. Brushed and mirror polished “Dunes” made of stainless steel give the architecture, the ceilings and the wall coverings a distinctive character. The movement of…


Web Plates as “image bearers”

A new printing technology enables us to print our Web Plates with one or many colours. The ridges as well as the troughs can be printed with all kinds of colour combinations and images. An almost infinite number of surfaces and coatings typical of those for metals, including amongst others anodisation, powder coating, glass bead blasting, spraying, mirror polishing, patinating, brushing, partial brushing and printing can be combined with…


New Facade Panels

Recently, the new headquarters of the oldest insurance company in Luxembourg, “lalux”, was opened. Fielitz Ltd. was delighted to help with the planning and realization of this exceptional facade. Almost 3,000 perforated and unperforated aluminium facade panels were firstly deep-drawn using 3D fluid technology in order to create the 3D pattern developed by Jim Clemes and Ingbert Schilz. In a second processing step, the panels were re-shaped to hollow-like,…


Facade panels – perforated and three-dimensionally formed

As a result of an innovative tooling concept, facade panels can be economically offered as ultra-light and yet rigid elements that can additionally be decorated with all kinds of hole patterns and, if desired, extensive three-dimensional designs. Almost all of the material thicknesses usual in interior design and outside architecture can be provided in all of the usual commercial formats as well as defined formats.  


3D folds in perfection

Innovative fluid technology allows not only the three-dimensional forming of perforated and unperforated facade elements. They can also be folded at the sides, following the 3D form. This new technology stabilises the facade elements, makes them more durable, allows the continuation of the 3D structure from panel to panel and can ultimately support the attachment to the substructure. The ideal mixture of functionality and creativity.


Fielitz in the sky…

… “Fielitz in the sky” – that’s how the Dutch Huiswerk architects referred to the final stage of the installation of our three-dimensional aluminium plates type “Water Wave Vision”. Although the facade elements are extensive, a dimensionally stable pre-construction can be carried out on the ground so that the elements can then be inserted into the facade by means of a hub.


Hilton Frankfurt Airport

3D Plates made of perforated steel, round / offset 5.0 – 7.0, powder-coated, type: “Water Wave XL”. Perforated and three-dimensional self-climatizing walls of steel provide fresh air in the lobby area of the Hilton Frankfurt Airport. Design: JOI-Design, Hamburg Photo: Heinrich Boehm


Basler Fashion Store

3D Plates made of perforated steel, “Water Wave XL”. The steel sheets are reinforced due to their three-dimensional form and are acoustically effective by virtue of their perforated surface. Due to the laser cut element joints, the vertically running “waterfall” can flow uninterrupted. Design: Blocher Blocher Partners, Stuttgart Client: Basler Fashion Ltd., Goldbach


General refurbishment Boschetsrieder residential estate, Munchen-Sendling

Crash-safe balcony parapets made of aluminium textured plate G 5315, that completely correspond to the original. Design: Koch and Partner Client: Siemens Wohnungsgesellschaft Ltd. & Co. OHG


New design for interior and outside architecture

This constructional and visually extremely interesting 3D Plate design was the result of several preliminary tests. With a format of 1250 mm x 2500 mm, all metals suitable for cold-forming with a thickness of 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm can be used. Curved plate ends make it possible to create attractive, intertwining panel joints. 3D Plate type “Turtle XL”


Leading edge through form diversity

An acoustically effective panelled ceiling whose random design enhances the acoustic effect and artistically lightens the rooms. Lighting and sprinklers are integrated into the ceiling panels. Löwencenter (Lion Centre), Lucerne (Switzerland)


3D facade elements that satisfy all requirements

We succeeded in covering a modern car park with a three-dimensionally formed facade in cooperation with Goldbeck, JGT Architects and the client IVG. Our 3D fluid technology enabled us to implement curtained facade elements, in contrast to using expanded metals and perforated sheet metals, unusually competitively. The aims of translucence, sun protection, anti-glare protection and ventilation could be almost perfectly satisfied through selection of the hole pattern without undermining…


3D elements in the facade

The client’s aim to invest in an exceptional, technically high-quality multi-storey car park led the architect to suggest designing the exterior view with modern, 3D facade elements. Their high dimensional stability and surprisingly high translucence had a favourable impact on the desired rigidity and ventilation. Car park visitors find the attractive facade design both positive and innovative. All of our metallic geometries and designs satisfy the increasing wish of…


Experience materials live!

Well over 3,000 different structures and a freely programmable tool kit enable many types of solution for your assignment. Our employees are happy to come and visit you to show you a selection of our newest designs.  In addition, you can also visit our unusual showroom in Ingolstadt and get to know our entire programme range. We would be delighted to arrange an appointment – at your office or…


Box09, Vienna

In cooperation with the architects‘ office, Viereck in Graz (Austria), and KME, a prototype BOX09 was developed – a versatile building module with a distinctive character that can be erected quickly – a modern facade construction. Our new 3D Plate type “Water Wave AT” gives this innovation project an outstanding appearance.


Amoebe made of stainless steel

All kinds of designs are possible in all of the sheet metal materials suitable for deep-drawing! There’s only one limit – your creativity! Involve us in your planning stage. Your unique and distinctive architecture can then become a reality.


Table #28

The table created by designer Christoph Boeninger, “Table # 28”, made from a single, aluminium Profile Plate with three different tiers can now also be viewed in MOMA / New York and purchased there in the Design Store.


T2 Regba

A new three-dimensional plate of mirror polished stainless steel, motive “T2/3”, has recently made surprising surface designs in interior and outside architecture possible.  


New Prism Plates – freely programmable

In future, we can extensively, precisely and economically provide every kind of prism geometry – perforated or unperforated – from aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass. New solutions are especially available in the area of innovative facade design.


Bavarian Days 2009 at Steelcase

“Acoustics and Aesthetics” – theme of the “BAVARIAN DAYS 2009” from Steelcase in Rosenheim on 28th and 29th May. Come and see our outstanding exhibits.


Anson´s opened in Frankfurt

In cooperation with Schwitzke + Partner, we developed a “waterfall” made of mirror polished stainless steel. It “gushes” spectacularly through the multi-storeyed fashion house and accentuates the modern orientation of the customer concept.


Wormland Men´s Fashion Store opened in Frankfurt

In cooperation with us, the architects‘ office Blocher Blocher Partners from Stuttgart, developed a “unique dunes landscape” made of copper . The individual wall elements were hand-patinated and sealed, and their pattern is continued beyond the joint areas of the individual elements. Photo: Dirk Wilhelmy Fotografie, Stuttgart


Moving Dunes

The interaction of the new 3D Plates of stainless steel, a special finish and LEDs led us to achieve a previously unknown, surprising reflection, which appears to move fantastically to the observer.


Prism Plates fascinate by chaotic perforation

Isosceles and non-isosceles Prism Plates of aluminium or stainless steel gain an impressive translucence, or rather appearance, through irregular perforations further enhanced by smaller, flat spaces between the prisms, which also facilitate assembly.


3D stainless steel mesh

Even stainless steel mesh can be formed three-dimensionally under certain conditions; the result is fascinating, both from the front and when backlit.



Web Plates with their most attractive design – profiled with high-precision and dynamically formed with an impressive 3-D shape. The ultra-light bowl has received many national and international design awards due to this unique feature. IF 2005 Red dot 2005 Form 2005 Materialica 2005 Good design 2006 Idea silver 2006 In this instance, thin sheets of aluminium create an intelligently formed and outstanding design for sophisticated fine dining.