3D Plates

Hypo Noe St. Poelten

3D Plate made of aluminium “Dune St. Poelten”

ArchitectureZieser ZT GmbH, Vienna
CoatingHD Wahl, Jettingen
PhotoRupert Steiner, Vienna
LocationSt. Poelten


In close cooperation with the Zieser architects‘ office in Vienna, a three-dimensional dune landscape was created using perforated, 3 mm thick aluminium with a newly developed nacreous lacquer finish from HD Wahl.

The individual, almost 3 m² large motor-powered sun protection slats surround the entire structure.

Although the design was three-dimensional, we created harmonious fold-backs on all four sides which didn’t interrupt the continuity of the panel interfaces of the 3D dune landscape but rather contributed to their sustained cohesion.

The aluminium plates gain additional reinforcement through their three-dimensional design due to the fold-backs and their perforated surface renders them particularly effective acoustically.


  • t = 3.0 mm
  • perforation Rv 5.0 - 10.0 mm
  • Duraflon coated
  • 3D fold along the dunes structure on all 4 sides
  • repeat pattern continues over the entire facade

applied product


3D Plate “Dune St. Poelten”

product group 3D Plates
surface finish painted
technical aspects structurally effective, translucent