3D facade elements that satisfy all requirements

We succeeded in covering a modern car park with a three-dimensionally formed facade in cooperation with Goldbeck, JGT Architects and the client IVG. Our 3D fluid technology enabled us to implement curtained facade elements, in contrast to using expanded metals and perforated sheet metals, unusually competitively. The aims of translucence, sun protection, anti-glare protection and ventilation could be almost perfectly satisfied through selection of the hole pattern without undermining the architectural design objective of “flowing facade elements”. The 3D design reinforced the aluminium sheets so powerfully that the substructure could be reduced to a minimum and thereby created an interior space flooded with light. The extensive but also lightweight elements (3.5 m²) are so designed that they could be mounted solely on the vertical pillars and, due to the repeated pattern, created a continuous wave pattern.

3D Plates “Water Wave Vision” made of aluminium, thickness = 2.5 mm, perforated round / offset 5.0-10.0, anodised E0 / S120-0.5 (Gold)

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Anna Mader
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