Prism Plates

Prism Plate “G 2208”

As soon as the bars no longer run vertical to the material base, but at an angle of more than 90°, we can develop an inexhaustible spectrum of “Prism Geometries” with you and produce them for you.

In order to enable friction-locking contact to the substructure, smaller covers and barely visible surfaces between each prism are advisable.

Prism Plates can be produced from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc., symmetrically or asymmetrically, perforated or unperforated.

technical properties

product group Prism Plates
surface finish brushed
technical aspects structurally effective
application wall elements, cladding elements
application area interior design, architecture
material stainless steel


thickness t = 0.8 mm
length 2303 mm (portrait format)
1078 mm (landscape format)
width 1490 mm (portrait Format)
2990 mm (landscape Format)
height 7.0 mm
grid 36 mm
flexibility freely programmable

other features

  • continuous profiling
  • minimum spacing 6.0 mm with freely selectable profiling
  • landscape format: polish direction parallel to width
  • portrait format: polish direction vertical to width
  • other materials, material thicknesses and surface finishes on request