Web Plates

Web Plates medium “G 1310psgf”

The advantages of our Web Plates include free programmability of the form and design within the elements as well as customised hole patterns. The highly durable geometries are suitable for interior design and outdoor architecture.

The Web Plates can be produced from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc. in all of the technically possible surfaces, perforated or unperforated, depending on the area of application and desired visual appearance.

technical properties

product group Web Plates
surface finish anodised, milled, partly structurated
technical aspects acoustically effective, structurally effective, translucent
application ceiling elements, wall elements, cladding elements
application area architecture, interior design
material aluminium


thickness t = 1.0 mm
length depends on required structure
width max. 2990 mm
height 10 mm
flexibility freely programmable

other features

  • partially textured
  • web width: 12 mm
  • minimum spacing 10 mm with freely selectable profiling
  • milled, other milling options on request
  • other materials, material thicknesses and surface finishes on request