Hypothekarbank, Meisterschwanden

Web Plates small made of aluminium „A 103g“

Filigree Lampshades made from small Web Plates

A completely new lighting and design concept was developed for the new construction of the Hypothekarbank in Meisterschwanden.

The decorative lampshades were made using our small Web Plates of just 0.6 mm thick aluminium. The filigree, perforated plates create a feeling of lightness and transparency and give the interior of the building a very individual charm.


  • t = 0.6 mm
  • perforated, percentage of hole pattern: 46,4 %

Architecture: Gehri AG, Aarberg (Switzerland), Photo: Gehri AG, Aarberg (Switzerland), Location: Meisterschwanden, Switzerland

Web Plates
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