3D Plates

HLS Herzig Ltd.

3D Plates made of stainless steel “Dunes medium”

ArchitectureHM Zeilberger, Salzweg
PhotoHM Zeilberger, Salzweg


“An integrated approach to architecture and interior design. A successful combination of facade and interior. Attention to detail, a high standard of construction and the courage to apply innovative technologies and building materials results in the extraordinary“. The architectural office, HM Zeilberger from Salzweg, introduces itself with these words on its internet site.

With regard to our jointly implemented project – the complete restructuring of the HLS Herzig Ltd. company building – nothing more needs to be said.

Our 3D Plates made of stainless steel and with the “Dunes medium“ design, cover the exterior of the building as well as the interior and complement the product world of Herzig Ltd. beautifully.


  • t = 0.8 mm
  • stainless steel, brushed K-240

applied product


3D Plate “Dunes medium”

product group 3D Plates
surface finish brushed, anodised, powder coated, painted, polished, galvanized