Mercedes Call Centre, Maastricht

3D Plate made of aluminium „Water Wave Vison“

Completely through the air

The Dutch Huiswerk architects referred to the final stage of the installation of our three-dimensional aluminium plates with the “Waterfall Vision” theme “Fielitz in the Sky”. Although the facade elements are extensive, a dimensionally stable pre-construction can be carried out on the ground so that the elements can then be inserted into the facade by means of a hub.


  • t = 3.0 mm
  • perforated Rv 5.0 – 10.0 mm
  • anodised E6/EV1
  • repeat pattern
  • freely spanned over 2.5 metres

Architecture: Huiswerkarchitekten, Maastricht, Client: Daimler Benz AG, Location: Maastricht, Photo: Huiswerkarchitekten, Maastricht

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