Fielitz 3D Platte Crown in grün  - Fielitz GmbH Leichtbauelemente


The extension of the Schlossbad Neumarkt, which will be completed in mid-2022, has been clad with a very special façade cover. The product 3D Platte Crown, manufactured especially for this project, is used here as a translucent curtain on the first floor. The soft, continuous texture of the façade panels creates a fabric-like appearance and provides a multi-faceted play of shadows from different viewing angles. The detailed shape of the panels is highlighted by the special surface treatment of the Perma-Green process. The extremely resistant and sustainable surface finish is created during a controlled electrochemical oxidation process. Thanks to the addition of mineral metal salts, the surface reflects exciting shades of green and blue when exposed to light. The chainging colors and shades enliven the façade and relate to the shimmering water surface of the nearby castle pond.

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ARCHITECTURE: Diezinger Architekten
PRODUCT: 3D Platte Crown
MATERIAL: Aluminium, RV 5,0-8,0
SURFACE FINISH: Perma-Green Eloxal
PHOTO: Heiko Stahl

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