Auerberg Soest Stool

Web Plate medium made of aluminium „F 1308“


A small thing for large services. Very stable and highly mobile, simple in form and diverse in terms of function – the aluminium stool has what it takes to become a classic. Flat, aluminium Web Plates combined with round seat hollows on curved legs form an invitation to take a seat. In addition, the aluminium stool can quickly change its position thanks to its minimal weight – for a brief exchange of information, a quick coffee break or as a useful repository. A flexible piece of furniture for the office and at home, for inside and outside use.

IF Product Design Award


  • t = 0.8 mm
  • anodised
  • crowned
  • swing-folded

Design: Christoph Boeninger, Photo: Thomas Koller, Glonn / Haslach

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