3D Plates

Anson´s Fashion House

3D Plate made of stainless steel “Waterwave XL-e”

DesignSchwitzke & Partner
ImplementationPortec, Muenster
LocationFrankfurt a. Main


Anson’s Fashion House is presented in an exceptional architectural environment. The covering of the lift shaft is a particular highlight and immediately attracts attention. A “waterfall” made of three-dimensional, mirror polished stainless steel. It “gushes” spectacularly through the multi-storeyed fashion house and emphasizes the modern orientation of the customer concept.


  • t = 0.8 mm
  • mirror polished
  • repeat pattern

applied product


3D Plate “Water Wave XL-e”

product group 3D Plates
surface finish polished, electro blasted, perforated
technical aspects structurally effective