3D Plates

German Medical History Museum, Ingolstadt

3D Plate made of aluminium, “Waterwave DMI”

ArchitectureStaab Architekten, Berlin
CoatingHD Wahl, Jettingen
PhotoMarcus Ebener Fotografie, Berlin
LocationIngolstadt, Germany

Three-dimensional outer skin - DMM, Ingolstadt

The German Medical History Museum was modernized by Staab Architekten, Berlin, with an extension building.
With high sensitivity, the building was fitted into its surroundings and created a charming juxtaposition of old and new. The outer skin of the building stretches all over the body – so that the 3D-structured roof surface passes almost seamlessly into the vertical façade. Due to the warm, anodised surface of the elements, the building shines in different gold, brown and red tones depending on the time of day and the sun.


  • t = 2.0 mm
  • anodized S-120-2,5

applied product


3D Plate “Water Wave DMI”

product group 3D Plates
surface finish anodised
technical aspects structurally effective