3D Plates

Merkur Hoher Markt Stairwell

3D Plates made of stainless steel “Dunes medium“

DesignBEHF Architects, Vienna
ClientMerkur AG
ImplementationFa. Riegler, Steyr
PhotoREWE Int. AG/APA-Fotoservice/Pauty

three-dimentional wall caldding

The Merkur flagship store was opened in 2012 in Vienna in one of the squares most steeped in history. Not only is much expected of the culinary delights, but also of the architecture. The stairwell is perfectly accentuated by means of our 3-D “dunes” made of polished stainless steel. The entire construction is emphasized through sophisticated lighting which presents observers passing by with an apparently live landscape of dunes.


  • t = 1.0 mm
  • stainless steel, brushed K-240
  • repeat pattern continues over the entire facade

applied product


3D Plate “Dunes medium”

product group 3D Plates
surface finish brushed, anodised, powder coated, painted, polished, galvanized