Nordostpark (North-East Park) Car Park

3D Plate made of aluminium „Water Wave Vision“

3D Facade elements

In cooperation with JGT Architects from Nuremberg, a modern, three-dimensional, “curtained” car park facade was developed, which was able to be realized extremely competitively by means of 3D fluid technology. Optimal pre-conditions for translucence, sun protection, anti-glare protection and ventilation were met due to the selection of this hole pattern. The three-dimensional plates, whose undulating geometry continues over and beyond the contact surface areas, encases the building with its flowing facade elements.

The three-dimensional composition of the 3.5 square metre elements reinforces the perforated aluminium panels so powerfully that the sub-structure is reduced to a minimum. The three-dimensional plates were mounted solely onto vertical pillars and can freely span an area of over 2.5 metres, creating an interior space flooded with light.


  • t = 3.0 mm
  • perforaded Rv 5.0 – 10.0 mm
  • anodised E0 / S120-0.5 gold
  • repeat pattern continues over the entire facade
  • freely spanned over 2.5 metres

Architecture: JGT-Architekten, Nuremberg, Location: Nuremberg, Photo: Goldbeck, Nuremberg

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