3D Plates

The Avenues

3D Plate made of stainless steel “The Dome”

DesignGensler, London
PhotoThe Avenues, Mabanee Co.


The Gensler architects‘ office had planned a magnificent dome construction of evenly tapered and yet individually domed 3D stainless steel elements at the crossroads of two wide avenues in the luxury shopping mall in Kuwait. Beyond this, the 14 individual elements of varying sizes were adapted to the diameter of approx. 30 metres with ever increasing depression-depths of up to approx. 200 mm and can be produced economically and pre-finished due to a new tooling system. The supporting structure is also made of stainless steel, welded with laser technology.


  • t = 1.5 mm
  • electro blasted
  • crown depth up to 200 mm

applied product


3D Plate “Dome”

product group 3D Plates
surface finish electro blasted