Mercedes Benz Museum

Web Plates medium made of  brass „F 1408“


The idea for the museum development came from the Stuttgart office of HG Merz. During their tour of the museum, visitors experience a journey through time of the 120-year automobile history. Two paths lead through the extensive collection in wide curves. The Legend tour chronologically follows the history of the brand from the invention of the automobile up to today. The chronologically-orientated Legend rooms tell the story of the Mercedes-Benz brand and link the stories by theme and era. The selection of each of the interior design materials was based on the historical context. Therefore, in the Legend 2 room “The Birth of the Brand”, high quality, brass web plates were used which provide this historical highlight with a dignified backdrop of golden splendour. “The best exhibition design is the one you don’t notice”, says HG Merz, and he should know. Many of the museum and exhibition concepts that he has realized with his office have received awards – perhaps exactly because it has never been about loud, brash displays.

Elisabeth Schwiontek (independent journalist in Berlin)


  • t = 0.7 mm
  • polished K-240
  • partially patinated

Design: HG Merz Architekten, Stuttgart, Location: Stuttgart

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