3D Plates

A2 Center

3D Plates made of aluminium type “Ball Segments”

ArchitectureBeier + Beck Architekten, Braunschweig
ImplementationRonge Ltd., Alfeld
Photoschoepe fotografie und neue medien ltd., Ottbergen


One of the oldest shopping centres in Germany – the A2 Center in Hannover-Altwarmbüchen – is now clothed in shimmering, metallic gold following extensive construction work. When the plans were presented, the head manager from the responsible Center Association CMC, Andreas Uhlig, said, “This is going to be a showcase!“

Our 3D Plates made of aluminium and with the “Ball Segments“ design, were deep-drawn in 3 different diameters: perforated and unperforated 3D Plates with a ball diameter of 40 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm produce a moving facade image.

Fascinating light reflections caused by daylight and artificial evening lighting allow the building to come to life.


  • t = 2.0 und 3.0 mm
  • unperforated and perforated Rv 8.0 - 10.0 mm
  • Ball segments of 3 different diameters

applied product


3D Plate “Ball Segments”

product group 3D Plates
surface finish perforated, brushed, patinized, painted
technical aspects structurally effective, acoustically effective