Maison du Nombre des arts et des etudiants University Luxemburg

3D Plate made of stainless steel, „Crystal Lux“

Glittering crystal skin

The Maison des Arts et des Étudiants (House of Arts and the Students) is one of the university’s cultural faculties. It is a meeting place for the social life of students and a building open to the public. The large multi – functional hall, which is devoted to artistic performances, concerts, exhibitions and other social and cultural events, characterizes the design: an almost cubic volume of 25m length, characterized by the right – angled geometry of the „Maison du Nombre“ (house of the number) The long bar of the „Maison du Savoir“ (House of Knowledge).

The facade design by Atelier d’Architecture and Design Jim Clemes is based on a diamond-shaped crystal. The individual façade elements are laser cut in trapezoidal form and mounted on the four sides with a small gab joint. Within the individual plates, the crystals are arranged according to the given design. Due to the special surface of the stainless steel elements – PVD bronze coated, hairline – the color of the cube changes according to the time of day and sunlight.

Facade planning: Atelier d’Architecture & de Design Jim Clemes, Architecture: Witry & Witry architecture urbanisme, Photo: Lukas Huneke, Location: Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg

3D Plates
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