Hilton Airport

3D Plate made of steel „Water Wave XL-s“

Interior design

THE SQUAIRE is an architectural masterpiece: built from the outside inwards, it was possible to flexibly adapt it to spatial requirements due to the aerodynamic outer shell. No matter whether for offices, hotels, restaurants, shops or a conference centre.

The landmark of the City Frankfurt Airport combines the English words “square” (public place) and “air”.

Our perforated and three-dimensional steel plates provide fresh air in the lobby area of the hotel “Hilton Frankfurt Airport” as wave-like oscillating cladding for the self-climatizing walls.


  • t = 1.5 mm
  • perforated Rv 5.0 – 7.0 mm

Architecture: JOI-Design, Hamburg, Photo: Heinrich Boehm, Location: Frankfurt

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